We are now located in the Engineering Building with the Building Department and Water and Sewer Department.  The goal of our relocation is to continue to provide high quality service to all residents and enhance our ability to  work with other departments to cater to your needs.  We hope you will find the move as advantageous as we have.  We look forward to helping you.

Statement of Services: The Assessing Departmentís responsibility is to accurately estimate the fair market value of taxable properties within the community. Every year the Assessing Department mails out the Notice of Assessment, Taxable Valuation, and Property Classification to owners of property within the Township. The assessed value represents 50% of the fair market value of the property and the taxable value is the value on which property taxes are calculated. The taxable value can only increase every year based on the inflation rate or 5% whichever is less, except when physical changes have been made to the property or when a transfer of ownership occurs. Every year in May the Assessing staff will begin inspecting properties that have sold or have active building permits in preparation of the following year assessment roll.

Carole Ryan, Assessor

Rochelle Leon, Property Appraiser

Debbie Harrison, Property Appraiser